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Based in Tauranga, New Zealand we provide advanced SEO services & content marketing solutions.

What does this mean? Well...

Our process involves first talking with you to understanding your specific business goals and requirements. We then perform a detailed assessment of your website, digital presence, your online competitors & overall online business environment.

Next we get started on developing your proposed SEO strategy along with detailed digital marketing recommendations & plans. We then propose, develop & implement your SEO campaign. From ongoing technical SEO updates to your website, to social media and promotions across other carefully selected quality websites.

Effective longterm SEO strategies provide businesses with fully managed measureable digital marketing projects. We use leading marketing technologies & techniques to build systems that result in sustained organic online brand improvement and growth.

An appropriate form of content marketing provides your audience with engaging and relevant online interactions that align with your business objectives.

You enjoy improved brand exposure, increased search engine rankings & web traffic and more online enquiries.

Regular reporting provides you with easy to digest business intelligence & web analytics data.

From organic SEO services to improve your search engine rankings, through to web design and copywriting. We can take care of all of your digital assets, or just assist with specific areas of your digital marketing

We also provide search & digital marketing consulting for businesses & organisations who already have digital marketing systems in place but need some SEO advice, or help understanding the options and some pointers in the right direction.

About SEO Pricing

SEO Campaigns are usually planned over 3-6, or 12 months. Recommended monthly SEO investment for NZ business often ranges from $500-800 per month.

For larger businesses operating in more competitive search environments who are looking to rank well nationwide or globally - it is not uncommon to invest between $900-1300 per month on ongoing SEO services.

We suggest you contact us for a non-obligation discussion so we can provide you with more info. In general, time frames to meet SEO goals & the recommended monthly cost depends on a few key factors, including:

  • The competitiveness of your particular search marketing environment
  • The current technical state of your website and Internet assets/presence
  • Your in-house resources or other current digital marketing activities
  • How quickly you want to see results

Let's talk!

Our team have been running search & digital marketing campaigns for businesses of all different shapes & sizes over 10 years. Call 022-301-2097 now to learn more & take advantage of a no-cost expert assessment of your current digital marketing and some ideas of how to improve your SEO

Local, national and international SEO

Local SEO National SEO International SEO More about SEO Services

Local SEO

Local SEO services are probably the most common SEO services that we provide for small-medium sized businesses.

Local optimisation involves working with your website code, meta data, web content, etc to help your website is  more readily found in search engines when users look for businesses such as yours in your suburb, town, city or region.

Lets say you're a Tauranga based Boat Builder offering boat building or repair services to people in  the Tauranga & Bay of Plenty region. Local SEO targets terms such as "Boat Repairs Tauranga", "Boat Painting Tauranga". If a local user searches "Boat Repairs" (without any location) it is also the Local SEO work that helps your site show up.

This SEO work often include detailed campaign focused management of Social Media, Bing/Google WebMaster Tools & Maps, and other Internet registries and relevant directories as required.

Local SEO services will help to improve your digital marketing portfolio & World Wide Web presence. 

Please contact us to learn more

National SEO

National SEO involves targeting users who are searching for a business such as yours anywhere in New Zealand. A National SEO campaign can usually be seen as a step above Local SEO, however there are cases where a business may be more focused on National SEO results than Local SEO.

To give an example, lets say you are a Boat Building company and you want to connect with international leisure yacht owners that are planning on visiting all areas of New Zealand. The boat owners (your potential customers) may searching for terms such as "Boat Builder New Zealand", or so we need your business to show for this national search term

A National SEO campaign will focus on developing your website and Internet assets so that your site ranks well for this 'New Zealand' focused search term, and any other relevant 'National' search queries.

Note that National SEO would also include targeting New Zealand based users who are searching for businesses that offer your products and services, but are not using a location in their search query. 

As you can imagine, ranking well for national terms can often takes a lot more time and effort as you are no competing with business across New Zealand as opposed to just your local neighbourhood. For this reason, most businesses will start with a Local SEO campaign then if applicable we may broaden the scope of the SEO work in order to improve rankings for these more competitive national terms.

International SEO

International SEO, as you will most likely guess -- is when we are looking to target global users. These would commonly be users in any country that are searching for a specific product or service without any location at all. An example of this would be a user in South Africa who is searching for "cheap holiday house", or perhaps searching for a term such as "best mosquito patch".

If for instance you are a New Zealand based startup who is selling a revolutionary mosquito patch online, you may invest in an International SEO campaign so as to target any users across the world. Often however, while we ensure you remain highly visible to users in all countries with potential customers - we will at the same time be focused on more aggressively targeting search engine users in specific countries or regions.

At all times while performing these detailed optimisations, we also need to keep in mind ongoing updates to a search engine algorithm, so as to ensure that all of the work we have done and are doing is inline with Google's ongoing algorithm updates. Failure to take note of algorithm updates can result in penalties which can have severe impact on search engine rankings.

If you are looking to market to local, national or international search engine users you might enjoy our blog post on international SEO

Contact us to learn more about how we go about designing and implementing advanced SEO strategies to acheive your online marketing goals

More about SEO Services

Our search & digital marketing solutions help to develop an effective online branding strategy. Our expert marketing consultant will often be working closely with your team to design and implement your online strategy, and grow your Internet & Social Media marketing strategies. We are in many cases constantly providing your team with valuable training on how to utilise the best web technologies and perform some of the key regular search marketing activities.

Ok but how does all this actually happen, you ask?

We design search marketing campaigns that feed into relevant content & copywriting projects and fuel engaging social media campaigns. We work on your website & other websites applying tried & tested Google-safe technical SEO optimisation that bolster your websites SEO theming & visibility and improve your various Internet profiles. We only work with proven SEO practices so you won't be getting any nasty search engine ranking surprises further down the track when Google rolls out its next algorithm update...

Effective planned interactions between your SEO & content marketing projects is an important part of a testable, holistic search marketing strategy.

We make changes, we monitor. We make further changes, we monitor. This carefully SEO focused online brand management process helps to grow and build your digital assets in the right directions at all times.

We also assess social & video marketing opportunities, affiliate & display marketing, web design & development, mobile friendliness and more. We perform detailed Offsite SEO audits, ito understand who is linking to you and your competitors, how and why. We perform advanced linking profile management and detailed online industry competitor analysis to learn all about your online environment and provide you with insightful data-backed actionable reports that will help with both your digital marketing & business strategy both now and into the future.

Email our Tauranga office, or call David for a free chat and learn how to succeed online today!.